A New Look for Markley Designs Architecture in Greeley, Colorado

This year, Markley Designs launched a new website that focuses on showcasing its expertise. Markley Designs is an architecture firm in Greeley, Colorado. Since 2013, Mark Markley and his team have been able to develop and execute architectural designs, and solutions that achieve aesthetic, functional, and financial objectives across Colorado and Wyoming. We approach every […]

New Construction: Is Spring the Right Time of Year?

If you’re starting with little more than high intentions and napkin sketches in April or May, don’t anticipate contacting a contractor with hopes of being in your new space by July. Many local building jurisdictions and reputable contractors will require you to have a licensed Architect to help develop your plans. They may provide one on your behalf or recommend an […]

Creative Environments Boost Productivity

On vacation, would you ever choose a hotel with fluorescent lighting and drab grey rooms? The answer is obvious. But plenty of small-business owners forget simple things when it comes to office design. Exactly how do the smartest, most collaborative small companies use office design to reinforce their culture and inspire creativity? Furniture-maker Turnstone recently […]

A Simple Modern Approach to Architecture!

Platinum building that would serve as a model of cutting-edge green building techniques. “They wanted to achieve net zero in a way that was replicable, and that showed the path forward for others to follow,” said project manager Brad Jacobson. “It was not just a one-off thing, not just a showcase.” The building’s facade was […]