New Construction: Is Spring the Right Time of Year?

If you’re starting with little more than high intentions and napkin sketches in April or May, don’t anticipate contacting a contractor with hopes of being in your new space by July. Many local building jurisdictions and reputable contractors will require you to have a licensed Architect to help develop your plans. They may provide one on your behalf or recommend an Architect as the right fit for your project. Your new design should have begun well before the spring in the colder winter months, with an Architect. 

The development process and design timeline

The development process and design timeline will vary, depending on your specific project. As an example, I recently had a new client walk through our door. He knew exactly what he and his wife needed and expected. This project was a home addition to the neighboring city. It includes an extensive kitchen remodel, new living room space, and a new master bedroom suite.

At our first consultation, the client provided us with sketches, the existing home plan, and pictures of the existing home. This project was in and out of our office in approximately three weeks. 

In contrast, we were contacted by a local developer to begin the design of a new retail building.  The developer had provided our Architectural team in Greeley with nothing more than a total allowable square footage and a broad view of an anticipated architectural style. This project was submitted for a permit six months later when the design was complete. 

Various scopes of work and the impact on timeline

We love both types of these contrasting clients and the scope of works. On one hand, we have a client that knows what they want, and on the other, a client that provided us with the freedom to design.

However, each influences the design process and design timeline differently. There is no shortage of clients that fall between and outside these two examples. Ask your Architect when you being the anticipated schedule for completion. 

Construction typically picks up momentum in springtime, much like real estate sales. Spring is a season many consider to be the right time for launching their commercial or residential construction dreams. When you start a project in the spring, you have several months with favorable weather to complete the construction of your project. Please remember that this season is so popular for commercial construction, you may find it difficult to secure the builder you want, particularly if they are in demand.  

It is imperative to plan ahead with an Architect. Get the team you want in place and work towards the timeline you want them in. With this, the path is set as such that your business is ready to open its doors when you are.

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